“June has a soul for giving abundantly.”

Her ability to give abundantly as a co-thinker, advisor, avid learner, and teacher is a pleasure to receive and witness in June’s work throughout my time while at Movement NetLab and beyond. Her eagerness to see success in others peoples’ network development endeavors touch, moves, and inspires me to create the same level of excitement when working with my partners at AdAstra Collective who are interested in learning more about network development in movement-building. She is truly a network weaver and a conduit with a ripple effect of impact that her body of work continues to have on those who are seekers of social change and justice. 
Allen Kwabena Frimpong
Cultural Strategist|Serial Cooperative Entrepreneur|Resource Mobilizer
co-founder & Principal Manager of ZEAL 
co-founder & Managing Partner of AdAstra Collective

“The network community is indebted to her work!”

“June’s work has been instrumental in informing my network practice – weaving, strategy development, and evaluation. June has been so generous with her wisdom, tools, and time. The network community is indebted to her work!”
Blythe Butler

“Her wisdom and understanding of networks and communities is phenomenal. “

“June is an amazing teacher. Her wisdom and understanding of networks and communities is phenomenal.  She was an exceptional teacher and facilitator during her visit to Dallas to work with 70+ nonprofits. She is a constant learner despite the amount of experience she has in this space.  She encourages and mentors others. June and I have also worked together on a project to teach leaders about the importance of network weaving. I have learned so much working with June and I appreciate her collaborative spirit to share all that she knows with others.  I love that she continues to highlight the voices of those who are often not seen or heard and amplifies our work through her platform.  I am honored that she has poured so much into my life, opened doors for my expertise, mentors me and that she is also my friend. ”
Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew
Soulstice Consultancy

“She is truly the guru of network weaving.”

I have learned so much from working with June Holley for over a decade on many different training projects to help teach others about networks and network weaving. She is truly the guru of network weaving.  She has one of the most imaginative and inventive minds and constantly innovating, learning, and sharing.
Beth Kanter

“June is the go-to person in the field”

I have known and worked with June in various capacities for over 20 years. She has always understood that cooperative networks / shared power can be the catalyst for lasting and positive change. To this end, she has developed clear “ground-truthed” methods and resources that facilitate self-organizing, and within networks, the skills to create a culture of inclusion, equity, peer-learning, collaboration, and action. June is the go-to person in the field and I am grateful to count her as a treasured mentor.
Lisa Trocchia, PhD
Sustainable Food Systems Educator
Network Activator/Facilitator

“June is a great leader to get inspiration from. “

She is a natural connector between different talents and institutions. Her work is definitely a paradigm shift in how to create systemic & exponential change through a leadership based on networks. Her work has been impactful and will help us design the new kind of institutions we need to craft in our new economy system.    
I’m lucky enough to know June and have learned from her work about networks. Her studies have fascinated me since the first time I read the network weaving handbook. She is constantly offering her help to anyone interested in learning systematic social change. I admire her tenacy to create a community of practice.
Ulises S. Aguila

“June Holley is a pioneer in the field of applying network science to social change..”

She made a significant contribution in turning a science into a practice, bringing network effects and mindsets to the grass-roots. She also walks her talk, modeling network leadership, catalyzing a network around this field and nurturing a large flock of network weavers. We all owe her a great debt of gratitude.
Christine Capra, MAOL

“Learning from her is a gift.”

When I met June for the first time, it was in a group coaching setting that was a part of an organizational shift toward networked thinking and “net-work.” June’s presence alone was radical; her expression of kindness and compassion, her deep generosity and receptivity to others, and her ability to forge meaningful relationships with staff members who seemed at first to be resistant to the big ideas she shared. This is what draws me to June, and what helped me to locate my own work in relationship to hers. She consistently catalyzes others’ thinking, explicitly working at all times to tap into human energy and make the networks and the people within them healthier. Learning from her is a gift.
Sara Shapiro-Plevan