Network Strategies For Your Network

The following video is about 20 minutes long and provides a short overview of network strategies. It was done for the Food Policy Network State Networks, who graciously agreed to let me share it. The video emphasizes the importance of being part of networks of networks and of catalyzing self-organizing to move us to a

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What Is Self Organizing?

Self-organizing is perhaps the most important and least understood aspect of System Shifting Networks. There are many scientific definitions of self-organizing but they are hard to wade through. After 20 years of helping networks self-organize, I’ve created a definition that is very concrete and practical for getting started with self-organizing. Self-organizing happens when any individual

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System Shifting Networks

Not all networks are the same! If you are interested in transforming systems so that they are good for everyone, then you are probably helping people co-create a System Shifting Network. If you are not familiar with network maps, here is a short guide: The circles represent individuals. The colors represent diversity — you can

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